Attack On Titan: 5 characters who soon died (& 5 who didn’t die soon enough)

Attack On Titan: 5 characters who soon died (& 5 who didn’t die soon enough)


Died Soon: Grisha Jaeger

Grisha Jaeger was the main character, Eren Jaeger’s father. He originally appeared as a doctor in a mysterious cellar, and as the show progressed, it is revealed that he first came from outside the island where most of the anime events take place. Moreover, it is also revealed that he has the ability to transform into Titan and that he was sent from abroad to take the founding Titan from the Reese family.

Every detail of this huge plot reveals itself only after the main cast has access to his basement where he has stored the knowledge accumulated in his life. If Irene hadn’t devoured him before sharing his secrets, much pain and hardship would have been avoided

You didn’t die soon enough: Rod Reese

Rod Reis was the true king of the city, its walls and all of humanity within. He was also the father of Historia and tried to convince her to devour Eren and seize his power for the good of mankind. While his goals were noble, things finally did not go well for him, when Historia rejected his plans.

Rudd eventually turned into Titan himself and attacked the Orphud area of ​​the Wall of China, where his garrison and reconnaissance corps repelled him and killed him. He has caused a lot of trouble for everyone and is responsible for many deaths and kidnappings, all for a goal that never materialized.

Died Soon: Erwin Smith

Irwin Smith was the 13th captain of the Expeditionary Corps. He was smart, forward-looking, and highly respected. As he took care of his men he was willing to sacrifice them as needed for the greater good. He revealed that more than anything he wanted to know the secrets of Eren’s basement to validate his father’s theories.

He desired it so much that, for the first time, he was reluctant to do his final mission, and he did not want to throw out his life when he was about to find out the truth. In the end, he sacrificed himself and his soldiers to repel the Titan beast, but unfortunately he never saw the secrets his actions helped reveal.

She didn’t die soon enough: Bertolt Hoover

This is another character who caused a lot of chaos and death in its wake. In the beginning, all we know about Bertolt is that he is a member of the 104th Training Corps, along with the rest of the main cast. As the show progressed, it was revealed that he was a giant, and that with Rainer and Annie he was responsible for breaking through Maria’s wall and killing countless citizens.

Later, he continued to fight against the Reconnaissance Corps as they attempted to return to Shijanshina. In the end, he is defeated and eaten, not too soon.

Died Soon: Hans

Hans began his life as a lazy drunk as he spent the whole day drinking and hanging out with fellow Garrison members. All things changed when Wall Maria fell. He showed his kind heart when he saved Eren and Mikasa, even though he was too afraid to confront the Titan who ate their mother.

Years later, after working hard through the ranks, his strength was tested again when he joined the rescue operation to retrieve Eren and encountered the same Titan. Unfortunately, his skills weren’t enough and he was eaten in front of the two children he had once saved.

You Didn’t Die Soon enough: Kenny Ackerman

As another character who poses a problem with bad vibes more than positive ones, Kenny Ackerman has more in common with Jack The Ripper than Mikasa. He was a brutal killer who first showed up to kidnap Eren and Historia while working with Rod Reese and the Crown. Along the way, he killed a group of innocent bystanders, adding to his large body count.

He was also partly responsible for Captain Levi’s terrible childhood, teaching him nothing but violence and eventual abandonment. At least some good came out of his death, as he left behind a Titan serum that would be useful in later episodes.

Die Soon: Petra Ral

Petra Ral was part of the Levi’s team. She was kind, took a keen interest in her team, and helped guide Irene when he first joined their team. She bonded very well with Irene and built a level of trust and friendship with him. As part of the Special Operations Squad, she was also responsible for protecting Eren from the Titans and did her job impressively

In Titan’s female arc, unfortunately, things aren’t going very well for her. Petra was horribly murdered by model Annie Titan. It’s a character that disappeared very soon, leaving Levi without a team and the fans mourning.

She didn’t die soon enough: Daimyo Reeves

Demi Reeves was a minor character but his on-screen presence never indicated anything good. During the conquest of Trost County, Demo blocked the inner gate of the Rose Wall with a cart full of goods, preventing other citizens from leaving. He only moved her aside when his life was threatened by Mikasa.

Apart from this example of valuing money on human lives, he appeared again when he sent his subordinates to kidnap Erin and Historia. Although he made a deal with Levi when they came to their rescue, he thankfully didn’t go unpunished as Kenny killed him, effectively putting an end to his wealth-obsessed lifestyle.

Died Very Soon: Marco Bott

Marco Butt, another member of the 104th Training Corps, was a born-minded captain who was liked by his classmates. It was fun to see him interact with Jin, and give him words of encouragement. His calm demeanor was also demonstrated during his conversations with others and it was not surprising that he was given command of his division to help repel the attack on the Trost area.

Tragically, his life came to a surprising conclusion here after he heard a revealing conversation between Rainer and Bertolt, he was attacked and left to die, ending his story before it began.

You didn’t die soon enough: gross

Gross was a character that lived up to his name. Although he didn’t appear until later in the story and even then only in flashbacks, his racist personality and murderous tendencies weren’t exactly likable. Coming from outside Paradise Island, it was first introduced when the young Grisha Yeager and his sister Fei were punished by him and his partner, ultimately killing Fei.

He reappeared fifteen years later when Grisha was sent to Paradise as punishment for treason. Fortunately, before he can turn Grisha into Titan, his partner Kruger shoves him away in a waiting Titan fist, ending his sadistic reign of terror.